Research and production enterprise "Generis"

"Generis" was founded on 29.12.1997. The basic field of activity of our enterprise is development and manufacturing of medical equipment and devices with specific light sources.

At present our company specializes in serial producing of up-to-date bactericidal equipment. We produce five modifications of wall-ceiling irradiators, two modifications of portable irradiators and five modifications of mobile irradiators. Our production has successfully passed all technical and clinical tests in leading Moscow centers. Our equipment is legislatively included in the List of life-important and necessary medical equipment.

Our enterprise works hard over the development and providing of new kinds of medical equipment. The demand for our production is constantly growing due to its high quality, technical characteristics and reliability. The design of our equipment and its price are competitive.

Our company doesn't miss any opportunity to take part in Exhibitions. Since 2000 our production has been displayed at many Russian and foreign exhibitions such as International Exhibition "Public Health 2002" in Moscow and International Exhibition "Public Health 2003" in Kazakhstan. Our production was awarded with lots of diplomas and gratitude notes such as gratitude note for our participation in the Fifth International Specialized Exhibition "Public Health" (Kirov-city); the diploma for development, producing and providing effective bactericidal equipment for wide-range usage given at the exhibition "The Sixth Annual Week of Stavropol Medicine" (Stavropol-city); the diploma for active participation in the XI Specialized Exhibition "Medicine-2002. Beauty and Health" (Volgograd-city); the diploma for bactericidal irradiators given at the international fairy-exhibition "Medintex" (Kemerovo-city); the diploma for active participation in the Tenth Anniversary International Exhibition of Kazakhstan "Public Health 2003"; the certificate of a participant of the exhibition "Man. Ecology. Health 2003" (Barnaul-city), the diploma given at the exhibition "Production of small business" (Chelyabinsk-city) and other.

Our company has got the license 99-04-004521 dated May 29, 2017 confirming our right for producing, sale and maintenance of medical equipment. Our production is certificated and it is introduced to the State List of Medical Equipment of Russian Federation.

For years of our work we have achieved significant success in providing our production to the home market. Our customers are numerous hospitals, regional and commercial medical enterprises. Our geography of sales is very wide: Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburgh, Tumen, Moscow, Barnaul, Kemerove, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don and many others. Energetic and efficient work, flexible marketing policy helped us to find regular customers not only from different regions of Russia, but from near foreign countries (the Ukraine, Kazakhstan) too.

Many times we won tenders of regional authorities of public health, which means that our company was recognized as a reliable producer of medical equipment, providing medical market with cheap and high-quality production.
We work hard and we are eager to make a real contribution into the development of our home-town and region.
We appreciate your co-operation. We'd be glad to suggest you business initiatives and efficient solutions of your tasks.